Parquet Board from leading European manufacturers with a century-old history.

The natural beauty and comfort of natural wood in your home is an elite parquet from the best world brands. Wood not only tactile, but also visually positively affects the human subconscious, which allows you to instantly relax, and the fascinating tones of natural wood create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort in any room.

Why parquet:

* Walking on a natural wooden floor, and even heated under natural parquet - this is a completely different level of comfort!
* Technologies created more than a century ago by European manufacturers do not require any special care and maintenance conditions for parquet boards with factory processing-30 years warranty;
* A huge selection of colors that allow you to create different design accents in any room;
* 100 % eco-friendly and safe products;
* Affordable price - the same price in any region;
* Free delivery in Russia-from the catalog of our online store.
* It-project DES. LLC is a simple way to choose color options and styling directions that integrates into any photo;
* Quality of natural parquet, affordable prices and the best service-these are our main advantages in working with respected clients. 

 We strive to make your home even more cozy and beautiful, so that every minute of your stay in it will become a real holiday for yo

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